DIESEL CAFE Mangalore : My experience :)

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Hi All 🙂 This is my first stint at reviewing slash talking about my experience about the cafe. Diesel Cafe is set in Balmatta, Mangalore where one can go when they can think of English breakfast a brunch, waffles pancakes, oriental and all things continental.  Basically if you crave something other than the Indian, Dosa, chats and crave […]

Must-Try Beauty Secrets from Around the World !!

Must-Try Beauty Secrets from Around the World, beauty secrets, skin care tips

Hi All 🙂 We all possess different kinds of beauty, but that doesn’t stop us from admiring someone’s flawless skin or silky smooth hair, and wondering “How did they achieve it?”Well, wonder no more. Here are some of the world’s best-kept beauty secrets that you should try right now. Bulgaria: Rose Water Did you know […]