Must-Try Beauty Secrets from Around the World !!

Hi All 🙂 We all possess different kinds of beauty, but that doesn’t stop us from admiring someone’s flawless skin or silky smooth hair, and wondering “How did they achieve it?”Well, wonder no more. Here are some of the world’s best-kept beauty secrets that you should try right now. Bulgaria: Rose Water Did you know […]

Read More : Air track gymnastics

Hi All 🙂 Do you know what are air mats? Have you noticed those bouncy things on the floor in kindergartens or in gym or in yoga classes etc. They are called air mats. Airtrackzone is one company who specializes in this market and are well known. One might think what is so special in air […]

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3 Places To Shop For Designer Dresses!!

Hi All 🙂 Being stylish isn’t always about the labels, but many girls dream about a designer dress for prom or homecoming. Shopping for formal weal, especially designer dresses, can be hard work. It takes time, research, and sometimes, many hours of trying on – or at least knowing what best suits your shape. So, […]

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Create your own gorgeous and beautiful stories !

Hi All 🙂 Festivals often fill up with ample energy and enthusiasm. This is the time of the year when we feel rejuvenated. During festivals and wedding season we feel happy as they keep us busy and also provide us with the opportunity of getting connected with friends and relatives which we couldn’t during our […]

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abof – A Treasure Chest of the Latest Trends

Hi All 🙂 Find the most trending designs and latest outfit ideas for women at abof. Add some chic to your personal style with a pair of pretty ballerinas or look for comfort while showcasing ethnic designs with the new ladies patiala collection. Ballerinas for all Outfits Classic footwear that infuses charm to any outfit you […]

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Wedding Day DIY Makeup Tips !!!

Hi All 🙂 Makeup is great for any occasion. But for weddings, you can’t beat a well-done makeup job. With these DIY tips, you can do your own makeup on your wedding day without compromising the quality. Your day can be as special as ever, and a little more stress-free. 1. Practice. Then, practice some […]

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Why Monthly Facials Are A Must?

  Hey Pretty Ladies! We all want to look pretty. We all desire to have a fresh glowing skin. So why do you question while pampering your skin with facials. We are living in a fast paced world, where we hardly have time to take a beauty sleep or a proper meal. This irregular routine […]

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