All about Anarkali dresses!!

Hi All Today’s post as you can see it in the title is about the Anarkalis. I dint really see a point in writing a huge intro to the post and then saying tada I am going to talk about Anarkalis. However let me tell you what are they in some words. Well its nothing but […]

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Hi All Summers are here.  It also means hot,sweaty, makeup melting season too, is here. However, summers are not just about that to me. They are also about sunglasses, sunscreen and some florally dresses and of course road trips.But being a tall person I struggle when it comes to Dress length. I get the long […]

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Farbod Barsum Handbags

Hi All Bags just like the shoes, watches, accessories is an important part of the outfit. It does give a finishing touch to outfit . I mean recently in the review of the body lotion, it posed with my handbag and handbag took the spot light. See I told you 😀 I was lucky enough […]

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Hairstyles for Holidays :)

Hello Munchkins Winter calls for Christmas ^_^ Holidays, being with family, presents, dresses, food and makeup :P. Along with the dresses we need shoes, jewelry and hairstyles that go with it. So here are some hairstyles ideas for holidays. Before you say,  How am I gonna grow hair now woman??? These are the hairstyles which can […]

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Hi All Tell me one thing my Girlies ,Do you like shoes ? Did you just say yes?? or just said Duh !! I won’t blame you lol 😛 Shoes just like the dress, the bags and accessories play an important role in girl’s life and to overall look/style. I would call them a finishing […]

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10 Tattoos For Your Boyfriend !!

Hi All There are plenty of beautiful men in the world, but for some women, a cool tattoo can just ooze hotness. Whether you’re into a small simple tat on his wrist or some sleeve ink that peeks out of a shirt, helping your boyfriend pick the best tattoo can be the difference between awesome […]

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The Best Haircut For Your Boyfriend!!

Hello All Picking the best men’s hairstyle for your boyfriend’s face and style can be harder than it seems. The wrong haircut can even make the best-looking person look unstylish and off. To help your guy answer the popular question “what haircut should I get?”, the fashion bloggers at Men’s Hairstyles Today have put together […]

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